July Facebook Highlights

Black Jungle's Facebook Highlights for July, 2013
Rare Aroid
A video shot the other day!
This is just one of several rare plant auctions we have going right now on E-Bay! They end on Sunday so be sure to check them out before it is too late!
Anyone planning on visiting Turners Falls to stop by Black Jungle this Friday? If so, you might also want to check this out.
Growing Fast!
Rare Ant Plant!
This is one of my favorite places to stay when travelling to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Herbie and Annette are wonderful. We see lots of birds and other wildlife right from our cabin.
We are happy to announce that Phoenix Worms are once available through Black Jungle! These insect larvae are a great food item for so many animals and we are excited to offer them again. Three different sizes are available to suit the needs of most any critter!
Black Jungle's new vending area is now bigger than ever! If you haven't been to a show lately, come out to see us at our newly relocated home. As you walk in the door, we are straight down on the left. We have a HUGE area that allows easier shopping access and encompasses half the length of the venue! We keep adding new products and offer very competitive prices. This summer's show is the largest in the region and we are not holding back. We will have an exceptional selection of rare and exotic tropical and carnivorous plans, an awesome selection of poison dart frogs, vivarium set-ups, terrariums, reptile supplies, fruit flies, books, bulbs, fixtures, hide-outs, and so much more! We hope to see you there!
PENNSYLVANIA...We're coming back this Saturday, July 27th to Reading, PA! We are looking for one energetic helper from 6-6. We pay $100 cash or $125 in trade plus we will buy your lunch! Contact [email protected] asap. (provide your cell phone number)
Thanks! Mike
WOW! An even more rare offering on eBay! Nepenthes edwardsiana! And this is no tiny plant, either!
N. villosa will be available to our customers who visit our Garden of Horrors Sale this Saturday from 9-5. We are currently listing one on ebay auctions. The price of the small plants that will be sold this weekend has yet to be determined. We currently only have a few young plants grown from tissue culture. These are very rare and high in demand. One recently sold on ebay by another grower went for nearly $700.
Black Jungle welcomes the public to their Garden of Horrors Summer Killer Plant Sale! Bring your friends! Big Discounts on some awesome, fascinating, and Hungry Plants. One Day only! Saturday, July 20th from noon 'til 5pm. Bring the kids for some great summer fun!
Bottomless pits!
This is a personal message from Michael Wallitis to you. PLEASE READ:
About a year ago, I took on the task to create a fundraising Symposium that will be held in Siquirres, Costa Rica and it is now just 2 short weeks away. As you may well know, Amphibians have been stricken by catastrophic worldwide declines over the recent decade and amphibian research and funding is desperately needed in the field of Amphibian Conservation.
What I did not know at the time, was that asking my friends, business associates, customers, and the general public for donations was like having a conversation with a stone on the street. Don't get me wrong, a few of you did step up and help out. I cannot say how much we appreciate that! However, the vast, vast majority of those reading my previous posts simply ignored me, or looked the other way.
I realize that we all have our own charities and special interests, however if you love frogs, I am making one last plea for a small token of your help. I am sorry to ask you for money...no one likes to part with it but we are not asking for much. The proceeds we generate will be donated to Sustainable Amphibian Conservation projects as noted on our official website, Anuran.org.
If you are a friend and can afford $10, then that would be great. If you are a frog lover, consider a little more. If you are a business owner or breeder who sells captive bred frogs, I urge you to please send what you can afford.
As a business owner of nearly 20 years in the amphibian pet trade, I have come to realize that we are all need to take responsibility for the ethical treatment and sustainability of the pets we sell. The captive breeding of amphibians is vital to the future of our hobby and the state of health of this form of business.
To learn more about the goals of SACAS, (Sustainable Amphibian Conservation of the Americas Symposium), please visit Anuran.org.
To make a donation, please click here:http://www.anuran.org/sponsorship.html
Please, please do this now before you have a chance to forget!!
With all my sincerity,
It's starting! The first of six aracari eggs has hatched this evening! It is a Green Aracari and surprised us a few days early!
Opening soon in Connecticut! Get to the UCONN at Storrs....maybe Friday?

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