1. They are non-toxic!
That's right, they're not poisonous...at least not in captivity. Scientists are fairly certain that a component of the dart frogs diet in the wild is what enables the frogs to be poisonous since captive bred animals never develop toxicity. Additionally, wild caught animals will lose their toxicity after some time in captivity.

2. There's no poop to clean up!
This is a REALY BIG plus for anyone keeping a pet. When kept in a naturalistic type of vivarium, the waste is decomposed by beneficial bacteria within the soil. Unlike many other reptiles or larger amphibians, the waste product of poison dart frogs is so small that the plants can easily break it down.

3. Their colors are naturally vibrant!
The vivid colors and exotic patterns the frogs display serve to warn would-be predators, however they are also stunning to look at! Virtually every color in the rainbow is represented by these living jewels.

4. They are awake and active all day long.
Their diurnal habits allow you to enjoy their behaviors when YOU are awake. Unlike tree frogs which sleep all day long, you won't have to wait until the lights go out to observe their fascinating behavior.

5. They are long lived in captivity.
Well cared for animals can easily live into their teens!

6. They are easy to keep.
When provided with the proper habitat and diet they are very hardy animals. They do not have difficult housing or feeding requirements and require little daily maintenance. Many people compare them to a land version "reef tank" but needing only a fraction of the care.

7. They impact their habitat very lightly.
The perfect compliment to tropical rainforest habitat, dart frogs do not trample the plants and decor in their terrariums. They will not dig, chew, claw or othewise "tear up" their home as many other herps would. A beautiful habitat will not only serve as a focal point for your home or office but will also serve as the perfect habitat for these exotics.

8. They are inexpensive to feed.
A supply of food lasting several weeks costs less than $10 and can easily be purchased by mail order. Culturing flightless fruit flies on your own is easy to do and will reduce the cost to a fraction of that. Supplementation with other small food items should be done whenever possible.

9. They have small enclosure requirements.
Some species are at home in Ten-Gallon terraria while most will be happy in a twenty. This makes them highly desirable by people wishing to keep them in an apartment, home, classroom or at the office.

10. They are not removed from the wild in large numbers.
The vast majority of dart frogs offered for sale to the public have been completely sustained by populations bred and raised in captivity. By choosing captive bred animals you will get a healthier animal as well as reduce the demand for imported stock.

11. Naturally more healthy due to captive breeding.
Captive bred animals do not have the same health risks as imports such as parasite/protozoan loads or bacterial and fungal infections. By buying captive bred animals you know the age of your pet and have the sense of satisfaction knowing you are getting the healthiest exotic pet available.

12. Most can be kept at room temperature.
Temperatures from the low or mid to upper 70's are the preferred range for most species. While most dart frog keepers won't have to worry about simple heating or cooling solutions, others may find it necessary to prevent temperatures from reaching the upper 80's.

13. Many are considered easy to breed in captivity.
Most species commonly avilable can be bred even by beginning hobbyists! Breeding your own froglets is rewarding and will allow you to trade or sell your offspring.

14. They require minimal daily/weekly maintenance.
Maintenance consists of daily feeding, terrarium spraying several times a week and occasionally trimming plants or cleaning the glass every few weeks. Best of all...there's no poop to clean up!

15. They are easily shippable.
Acquiring your new pet is easy as they stand the stress of shipping quite well when packed properly. We have many years experience shipping live frogs and take every precaution necessary.

16. They don't call at night.
Being active in the day means they don't keep you up at night! (Many keepers of tree frogs have had the unexpected or unwanted midnight wakeup calls!)

17. Some have pleasant calls.
Although many dart frogs have nearly silent calls, several species have very musical calls ranging from rapid chirps to long trills that maybe heard across the room.

18. They are educational.
More and more schools are starting to keep them as the perfect teaching aid when discussing rainforest destruction as well as amphibian biology. In the home the whole family will not only appreciate the frogs but will find the exotic tropical plants equally interesting.

19. Their entire life cycle can be viewed inside the vivarium.
Their ease of care and bold personalities allow you to view the entire fascinating life cyle right within the walls of the tank.

20. They are a healthy addiction!

Keeping dart frogs doesn't cause cancer or liver disease but you may need the help of a 12-step program if you ever need to part with your collection!!
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