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Succulent - Lithops spp.

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A fascinating and easy to grow member of the plant kingdom! Also known as 'Living Stones', these desert plants have adapted to a harsh environment by modifying it's leaves into thickened knobs and mimicking the stones they grow among on the hot desert floor. This also helps camouflage the plant, protecting it's succulent growht from grazing animals. Occasionally, daisy-like white or yellow flowers are produced. As the plant grows, each pair of leaves will spread apart and be replaced my a new pair of leaves, taking all of the moisture from the old set. Easy to grow in warm and bright areas, requiring VERY little water. For best results, water only when plants begin to shrivel slightly and never water when the plant is splitting and producing new leaves. Very unusual! These are potted in 2" diameter pots and contain 2 individual plants, each about 1/2"-3/4" across. Assorted species.

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