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Sinningia muscicola ('Rio das Pedras') Micro-Mini

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This is one of the tiniest species of Sinningia, yet it is loaded with character! Discovered near a rocky river in Brazil just a few years ago, this little beauty has generated a lot of excitement among Gesneriad growers. Tiny, 1/2"-3/4" serrated leaves are marked with burgundy colored veins on the surface, bright cherry red below. The trumpet shaped flowers range in color from a deep lilac to pure white with a lilac colored tube. Each flower is held atop a 1" tall peduncle. It self pollinates and sets seed readily, spreading the color here and there throughout the terrarium. Very easy to grow under terrarium conditions. We often use it as an epiphyte, planting the tiny tubers among damp mosses on wood and vines in the terrariums. The plants occasionally go dormant and re-sprout after a brief rest period. Please note: the stems of this plant are fragile and can sometimes break during shipping. This is no reason for concern as the tubers will quickly flush out new growth after arrival. Available plants are growing in 2.5" pots. Formerly known as Sinningia sp. 'Rio das Pedras'

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