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Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnok'

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North American pitcher plants are not only amazing works or living art but are also some of the most interesting plants in the world because they lure insects to their uniquely evolved leaves that are in the shape of a pitcher which holds water. Once the insect lands on the plant, first attracted by the reddish color, it then feeds on a bit of free nectar that the plant expels through tiny pores around the lip of the opening. The inside of the trap opening his very waxy and slippery and also covered with downward facing tiny hairs. These hairs make it easy for the insect to walk in one direction only...to its death! The insect eventually slips into the trap and into the water where it drowns and is digested by this remarkable plant! It makes quite a conversation piece and offers an inspirational learning experience for kids and adults alike! Tall pitchers reaching up to 3 feet with a frilly white hood veined in red. This cultivar has double red flowers in spring! Available plants are young, in 2" pots.

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