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Riccia fluitans - (tissue culture tub)

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A rare, low growing semi-aquatic plant that thrives under bright light and damp conditions and creates a tidy green mat with a moss-like appearance. (Will float on the surface if not weighted down or attached to something that is) It can be grown aquatically and will also creep out onto wet wood and soil. 
Submerged, it can be kept down by tying it to a stone with a piece of fishing line, cotton thread or hairnet, but new shoots always grow towards the surface, so it may be necessary to prune it with scissors. Riccia fluitans thrives best with added CO2. As a traditional floating plant offers good protection for young fish. 

Origin: cosmopolitan
Height: .5 - 1.5"
Position: front, rocks or driftwood
Lighting: med
Growth Speed: med
Dificulty: med
6 - 7
Tissue cultured plants are Disease Free and Snail Free!
The plastic tubs or jars we offer are a wonderful value and yield several young plants that can be separated and divided into smaller portions. The plants are tiny or small not only because we choose to offer diminutive plants for aquarium and vivarium aqua-scaping but also because they are very young. 

Are they for beginners?
Maybe, maybe not. It depends on your plant growing skills, attention to detail, patience, and ability to reason and understand that sometimes, experience can only be learned by trial and error. These plants have been artificially propagated in a lab and are ready for transplanting. 

Many people may find it very easy to grow and acclimate these plants while a few may find it a bit challenging or frustrating. Our advice? Give one or two a try! Remember, they are not difficult but you should have fun and keep and open mind about it. And...you will be amazed with the quality and amount you receive for you buck!

Instructions for planting: Remove from the cup and wash the plant roots removing the (jelly). Plant in the aquarium substrate. 

Care Instructions:
  • Carefully take the plant out of the cup and wash it free from the jelly under the tap
  • Mosses and grasses can be split into 5-8 portions using a sharp scissors or stem plants simply separate apart.
  • Plant portions or stems into the substrate using a tweezers. 
  • Tip: Seachem Flourish Glue (or gelled instant glue) comes in handy for planting many of the tissue cultured plants such as the mosses or riccia and even works for many of the stem plants to keep them in the substrate until they start to root.

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