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Pod Planter - Grub Fern

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Polypodium formosanum
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Pod Planters are a great way to add some foliage to almost any space. The plants we have selected to grow in them are tolerant of lower light levels and like to dry between watering. When they need watering, simply take them to the sink and give them a good soaking. Perfect for windowsills, office desks, or even summering outdoors in a shady spot. This pod contains the Grub Fern (Polypodium formosanum) a very pretty fern with soft, green fronds. The creeping rhizome is quite striking, being a pale blueish white color, resembling caterpillars or grubs. Eventually these rhizomes will completely encircle the natural pod they are planted in. Because they are natural, each one will vary somewhat. The pods typically measure ~ 4" across.

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