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Phyllobates terribilis - Yellow (froglet)

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Another very beautiful form of P. terribilis, these guys mature to a bright golden yellow color. AKA the "terrible" dart frog due to the fact that it is considered to be the most toxic frog in the world with enough toxin to kill up to 8 humans. (Remember, these and all dart frogs are completely non toxic and always will be in captivity due to the lack of eating certain insects that are only available to them in the wild) We call them the "Little Bull Dogs" of the dart frog world because they become large chubby adults. Once mature, they can tackle crickets among other large prey! Males have a nice audible call and these are great for keeping in groups. Can sometimes also be mixed with certain other communal frogs of a different species. Great for beginners and advanced keepers alike. Well established juveniles currently available. 

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