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Phelsucare Vitamin & Mineral Supplement - 100 gram

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We proudly announce our new product Phelsucare!

As you know, Dendrocare has proven itself over the years as one of the better vitamin and mineral blends in powder form available. This is also highly appreciated by various growers. Think for example hobbyists, zoos and everything in between.

By listening to users of our product Dendrocare, we quickly realized that Dendrocare is also used for other animal species. Think for example of geckos and chameleons and other lizard species.

With this background information we at Amvirep have started working to develop a product especially for this target group. In collaboration with growers and specialists who are involved in geckos and lizards, we have come to the most complete composition of vitamins and minerals, and with an extra addition: Spanish bee pollen. It has been proven that these are the best bee pollen in the world. This results in good breeding results and healthy animals whose colour intensity is maintained in the offspring. In short, a very good and balanced product in powder form which sticks well to the food animals.

Amvirep distinguishes itself on the market with Phelsucare, by having developed a vitamin blend that contains everything your animals need. Phelsucare is the right supplement to the daily diet.

In short, a unique product that we are very proud of.

Dendrocare - Phelsucare

Instructions for use

Place a small amount of Phelsucare in an empty container.

Sprinkle the fruit flies or other feeder insects on top of the Phelsucare and shake the container to mix these together.

The Phelsucare will adhere firmly to the feeder insects.

Strain or shake the excess Phelsucare off the feeder insects and then feed them to your geckos or lizards.

Once it has been opened, provided it is kept dry and properly sealed in its original packaging, Phelsucare has a shelf-life of 6 months.

Average nutritional values per 100 gram Phelsucare

Vit E: 1.020,935 mg, Vit C: 0,71 mg, Vit B1: 3,64 mg, Vit B2: 16,538 mg, Vit B3: 0,23 mg, Vit B6: 7,8mg, Vit A: 45.000 IE, Vit D3: 12.000 IE, Nicotinamide: 57 mg, CU: 12,0255 mg, FE: 0,1650 mg, MN: 7,2 mg, ZN: 27,413 mg, CO: 6,3 mg, Ash: 4,7 g, Moisture: 0,19 g, NA: 0,14 g, MG: 0,02 mg, Fat: 2,128 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 27,0695 mg, Carbohydrates: 2,9 g, Fiber: 0,659 g, Protein: 1,72 g, Potassium: 46,5 mg, Calsium: 2206,9 mg, Phosphor: 890 mg, Selene: 1,85 ug, Threonine: 19,5 mg, Valine: 23,5 mg, Methionine: 14 mg, Isoleucine: 19,5 mg, Leucine: 35,5 mg, Lysine: 31,5 mg, Tryptophan: 5 mg, Kaempferol: 3,63 mg, Isorhamnetin: 1,125 mg, Rutine: 2,485 mg, Luteolin: 0,38 mg, Phytosterols: 13,75 mg

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