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Nepenthes villosa (very small) - SHIPS MID NOVEMBER

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One of the most sought after species. The peristome is highly developed possessing ridged claws. Slow growing and requires cool nights to prosper. Available plants are very small, approx. 1" across growing in 2" pots. Very few plants are available! Distribution: Sabah, Malaysia. Highland. BE-3225

Borneo Exotics Description :

The size criteria for this item is a minimum leaf span of 3.0cm (1 ¼”). Despite the small size, the plants are tough and fully nursery hardened. As the description below notes, it's a characteristic of this species, that sometimes plants may have a healthy leaf canopy and pitchers, but poorly developed root systems.

Species Description: A classic species, pitchers are bright orange with a clawed peristome.  Very rewarding for the advanced grower, but slow and needs low night-time temperatures.  This is one of the most popular items on our list but is always in very limited supply.

Item Name: From a single carefully selected clone out of microprop.

Item Description: Selected many years ago from amongst 22 clones for its vigour, this clone is known to be far easier to grow than any example of this species offered from vendors elsewhere. N. villosa is renowned to be difficult to grow, and usually needs very cool night temperatures. However, we don’t find this with our clone. The photos shown here are from plants of this clone grown in our nurseries, which never drop below 12 deg C at night (the maximum temperature might reach 30 deg C on a hot day). The difficult stage for this species is when plants are small and tender, but when established and hardened, they are not so difficult, but still slow. Although these plants are smaller than our usual “small” size, having a leaf canopy of at least 3.0cm (1 ¼”) in diameter, they are still considerably larger than the last time we offered them, some years back. They are VERY well hardened. Please note that it is a characteristic of this species that sometimes plants may have a healthy leaf canopy and pitchers and poorly developed root systems.

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