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Nepenthes veitchii (BE-4021)

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This species has a unique growth habit, actually using its leaves to clasp the trunk of a tree to climb up. The traps are then held opposite each other in a zig-zag fashion on the opposite side of the tree. This form features green traps with a golden peristome. Available plants are about 3-4" across growing in 2" deep pots. Distribution: Borneo. Intermediate grower. (Borneo Exotics BE-4021)

Borneo Exotics Description:
First introduced July 2020 as seed-grown individuals with a limited release, which when sold out cannot be replaced.
This is a cross between two plants of what has become known as N. veitchii  ‘Bario Gold’. As the photos show, both parents are pure in colouration, but from the largest of the plants coming out of this grex, we can see that although some are likely to be pure, others may have striped peristomes and could turn out to be more like the “candy-striped” version of the Bario veitchii.

The first photo below shows the actual female parent and the second is the actual male parent. The third photo shows a juvenile pitcher on a representative plant from this cross, which shows some striping developing on the peristome. It's not yet known what proportion may turn out to be like this and what proportion may be of pure coloration.

This classic species has a spectacular wide peristome. There are both lowland and highland varieties, which are often markedly different in appearance. In general, the highland varieties have wider more colorful pitcher peristomes but all are hairy and charismatic.

All different individuals from seed.

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