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Nepenthes sibuyanensis x merrilliana

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Nepenthes sibuyanensis x merrilliana

First introduced Mar 2013. The female parent is N. sibuyanensis selected for its orange colouration from the assorted clones sold under BE-3164 and the male parent is the huge Mt. Legaspi N. merrilliana, selected from amongst the assorted clones sold in the past as BE-3117. This plant is exceedingly robust and grows enormous globose pitchers which immediately draw the eye of any visitor to our nurseries. The coloration varies somewhat between individuals as the photos show. Being an intermediate grower, it’s also tolerant of a wide range of temperatures. The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical clones to the plants you receive. BE3542

Source: Random selection from very many clones out of microprop.

Climate: Intermediate

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