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Nepenthes sibuyanensis - Assorted Clones

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Description: This fascinating species has long burrowing tendrils bearing large, hard, waxy pitchers with scalloped peristomes. Pitcher coloration varies from pink or orange to deep red or purple. The 4 clones offered here are selected out of 24 clones in microprop for their vigor and varying coloration.

The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical to the plants you receive.

Source: Random selection from 4 different clones out of microprop.

Although a highland species, it is still a rather easy grower. Large growing plants produce traps up to 12" tall at the tips of long tendrils. The tendrils like to burrow through the substrate and can pop up some distance away from the plant. The peristome is strikingly ribbed similar to N. ventricosa. This clone was selected for its intense red coloration. Available plants are approximately 3" across and potted in 2" pots. Distribution: Sibuyan Island, Philippines. Highland. BE-3164

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