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Nepenthes reinwardtiana

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An interesting and easy to grow species, N. reinwartiana has elongated traps with distinctive, white eye spots on the inside of the trap. Very unusual and a great plant for beginners! Available plants are approximately 3" across and are growing in 2" deep pots. Lowland. BE-3159

Borneo Exotics Description:
Slender pitchers with characteristic 'eye spots' on inside of pitcher body. Easy grower in intermediate conditions. 

This species has slender graceful pitchers which when mature shows characteristic ‘eye spots’ on the inside of the pitcher wall. It appears at the time of writing that all clones in this selection are typical of the species and of a uniform green coloration.

The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical clones to the plants you receive.

Random assortment from 6 selected clones out of microprop.

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