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Nepenthes klossii

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Borneo Exotics Description:
Found in the highlands of Western New Guinea, this species remains to this day one of the rarest and most desirable Nepenthes in cultivation. Hybrids with Nepenthes maxima abound and the hybrids are extremely difficult to tell apart from the true species when juvenile. But when mature, the species is breath-taking. No words but only photos can do it justice.

First introduced in 2012, this item was sold for only a short time before production was halted due to a lab accident. It’s taken 5 years to get the production back again and in January 2018 we are proud to reintroduce it to horticulture. This clone is the real deal and 100% true with no evidence of Nepenthes maxima in its appearance. The nursery photos shown here are of this exact clone.

From a single painstakingly selected clone out of microprop.

Highland BE-3452

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