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Nepenthes hamata - Lumut form
Nepenthes hamata - Lumut form

Nepenthes hamata - Lumut form

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This is a very small offering of a spectacular clone of N. hamata BE-3380, and it won't last long. Only a few plants are being offered and once they are gone, we expect it will be quite a while before they are offered again. (this is the 2nd offering in 6 years since we had offered it!) This clone has a dark purple striped pitcher body with deeply clawed nearly black peristomes. Upper pitchers are green with very long peristome claws and it is known for being the easiest to grow of all forms of the species. Available plants are small, approximately 2-3" across, but very robust growing in 2" deep pots. Distribution: Sulawesi. Highland. 

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