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Nepenthes eustachya x tenuis

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Borneo Exotics Description:
A special hybrid exclusive to Borneo Exotics. 
First introduced Nov 2018. The two very different looking parent species are proving to have created an interesting cross. N. tenuis seems to give the peristome a flanged appearance in many of the hybrids we have created using it. Also, the wide altitudinal distribution of N. eustachya (0-1600m a.s.l.) will certainly make this variety easy to grow under a broad range of temperature conditions. This item was originally released on auctions with just 25 seed-grown plants available under BE-3924 in April 2018 and immediately sold out.
The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical clones to the plants you receive.
Random selection from very many clones out of microprop.

Available plants are approximately 3" across and are growing in 2" deep pots. Lowland. BE-3971

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