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N. albomarginata 'Kuching Spotted'

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A striking species named for the narrow band of white hairs that ring the pitcher just below the thin peristome. The whole trap is also covered in a fine fur giving the trap a velvety appearance. An easy to grow species under typical lowland conditions.

Description: A common lowland species found in Sumatra, Borneo, and Peninsular Malaysia, often occurring in coastal or rocky hill habitats. The lime-green or purple-spotted pitchers are slender with a characteristic white band beneath the peristome. Some varieties exhibit darker coloration with pitchers and/or leaves being entirely flushed with purple or red.

Cultivation recommendations: A warm grower preferring well-lit conditions. Keep trimmed back to promote best pitchering. Does not tolerate over-wet soil. 

Available plants are approximately 3" in diameter growing in 3" deep pots. Distribution: Malaysia. Lowland.

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