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Plants are generally shipped via Priority Mail which provides very safe movement of plants under controlled environmental conditions. We ship most plants year round as long as someone is home to receive them from the carrier. Before being delivered by the carrier, however, the purchaser must make arrangements to assume immediate care for the live items. This means that you may wish to have your package delivered to your place of work, to a friend or relative who will be home. The package must not be delivered to a location where, when left by the carrier, will be exposed to hot or cold temperature extremes! Please make these arrangements when you order to anticipate inclement weather conditions and safe arrival of your plants. Orders placed under unfavorable weather conditions are at the risk of the purchaser. Any packages that are indicated as being left on a porch or other outdoor area via the UPS tracking system will not be covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee. We want our items to arrive in good condition just as much as you do so please assist us by choosing an appropriate delivery address. Our live and healthy guarantee will not be valid beyond the first delivery attempt. The order status and tracking information is always available in the "Account" section of this website. Please use this information to help ensure a safe arrival for your items.
If plants or insects arrive dead or damaged and qualify for free replacement, remember, shipping & handling fees are not covered by guarantees and must be prepaid buy customer. In the event that the customer declines free replacement, only a store credit will be offered or issued. NO REFUNDS!
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