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Lecanopteris lomarioides

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Another amazing ant-fern! In nature, ants inhabit the hollow rhizomes and provide nutrients and protection in exchange for a home. These enjoy moderate amounts of light and a semi-moist mount that will dry in between watering. Available plants are immature and young plants in3" mesh pots. LIMITED. NOTE: Photo illustrates mature plant and is not indicative of what is shipped.

Wistuba Description:

Antfern. The rhizomes are densely covered by scales and form strange upright structures with age. Maybe the most showy of all Lecanopteris species. Very interesting and rare in collections. With their strangely shaped hollow rhizomes they look very bizarre! Lecanopteris species are spread over Indonesia and Malaysia. They form hollow rhizomes that are inhabited by ants in the wild. In cultivation they easily grow without ants, however.


Lecanopteris, though best grown under warmhouse conditions, tolerate a wide range of temperatures. The scale-covered species such as L. crustacea and L. lomarioides can even be grown on windowsills as they accept lower humiditys than the glabrous ones such as L. carnosa or L. luzonensis. All Lecanopteris species respond very well to fertilizer such as Osmocote.

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