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IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS GUARANTEE BEFORE ORDERING! WE OFFER NO REFUNDS FOR DOA'S so PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND our terms before agreeing and placing your order. DOA's are compensated for by store credit or product replacement only. (less shipping charges)

UPS, USPS, AND FEDEX do not offer guarantees for perishable shipments for anything other than loss of the package in transit therefore we offer our own limited guarantee of live delivery to you!

We want you to be happy with your purchase so in order for us to send perishable shipments, we must have your cooperation when placing your order. We Guarantee live delivery of plants, insects, frogs and geckos when they are shipped on our terms and when weather at the delivery destination as well as our departure location are favorable to do so. We take necessary precautions such as using insulated boxes, heat pack, cool packs, and/or phase panels when we feel they are needed. 

We ONLY offer a Live Arrival Guarantee. This means that DOA (dead on arrival) shipments must be reported by phone within one hour of delivery. Sorry, however since we have no control on how plants, insects, or animals are cared for beyond this time, we cannot offer an extended guarantee period. 

In the unlikely or unfortunate event that a shipment arrives Dead on Arrival, only the cost of the plants, insects or animals will be compensated for. SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEES are not compensated for since delivery services are provided by a third party and services have already been rendered, therefore you will have to prepay for re-shipping. 

Compensation for DOA's will be in the form of the same item, similar item, or other products of equal value. If the product shipped is a one of a kind item or an out of stock product, etc., OUR COMPENSATION IS STORE CREDIT FOR THE VALUE OF THE DOA ITEM(S) ONLY. WE OFFER NO REFUNDS FOR DOA'S so PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND our terms before agreeing and placing your order.

Live shipments are guaranteed when shipped Monday through Wednesday only. Shipments thereafter can be risky and not always favorable conditions will exist if the package is delayed in transit.
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