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Huperzia squarrosa
Huperzia squarrosa

Huperzia squarrosa

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Tropical Tassel Fern (also known as Lycopodium). Not a true fern but a fern relative with pendulous stems and a graceful habit. At the tips of the stems dangle dainty 'tassels' where the spores are produced for reproduction. Rare and hard to find, they are epiphytic so do best mounted and enjoy bright light and medium to high humidity. This species has narrow, elongated leaves densely packed on thick stems giving the plant a fuzzy appearance. Available plants are approximately 24" long with 4-5 stems. (Note: photo is of a mature plant and does not indicate the size shipped) 

NOTE: VERY LIMITED! We only import this species once a year and are available until sold out. Order when available here or be prepared for a long wait!

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