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Corybas geminigibbus (set of 2 tubers)

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Note: Sorry, we do not have an accurate photo to share of this species. The photo provided is merely to illustrate it's growth form and habit. An ultra mini terrestrial orchid native to Malaysia where it is found growing in lower montane rain forests at an elevation of 1400-1800 meters. They are unifoliate, producing one small leaf that grows flat to the ground followed by a spectacular flower about the same size or larger than the leaf itself. Prefers cooler temperatures and damp, well drained substrate. Not much more is known about there culture as they are quite rare in collections and difficult to come by. 

They are typically sold in their dormant state in sets of two small tubers smaller than the size of a grain of rice. Some may be emerging from their dormant state in a small sealed plastic container. We recommend trying a mix of 1/3 tropical potting soil, 1/3 chopped sphagnum moss, and 1/3 crushed tree fern fiber. They are very small and delicate so be especially careful when handling or transplanting them. Please note that because so little cultural information is available, we cannot guarantee your success and due diligence should be expected when giving these gems a try in your terrarium.

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