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COLOMBIAN AMAZON Rainforest Adventure Tour ($100 DEPOSIT) - August 2-9, 2020

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August 2-9, 2020 (8 days) COLOMBIAN AMAZON

(with Optional Peru & Brazil Extensions Available)

The region of Colombia that we will be traveling to borders Brazil and Peru and has been described as being the “RICHEST FROG FAUNA IN THE WORLD” in a paper published by John D. Lynch in 2005. We will not see Histrionicus, Sylvatica, Terribilis and other famous Colombian frogs however we will with no doubt find our fill of discoveries among the 130+ frog species in this amazing Amazon Rainforest! (Ranitomeya ventrimaculatus, R. toraro, Allobates femoralis, Ameerega hahneli, A. trivittatus ‘Green stripe’, Phyllomedusa bicolor, Dendropsophus leucophyllatus to name a few)

This tour is not just for frog nuts! We will also see strange insects and spiders, toucans and other interesting birds, an incredible variety of plant families, ginormous trees, things that lurk in the night, and much more! We should also see monkeys including the smallest in the world and will likely see both the pink and grey river dolphin. Other mammals may also be seen however please remember, we are visiting nature, not a zoo and wild animals cannot always be guaranteed to be encountered. Another interesting aspect about this trip is that we may be spending a few nights sleeping in the rainforest canopy in a treehouse* at one of the two lodges we will be exploring from!

Book your flights directly into and out of Leticia (LET) where we begin exploring the 3 Frontiers region of the Colombian Amazon for the next 7 days. We can pop into Brazil or Peru for dinner and a look around town as there are no border restrictions on moving back and forth.


Deposit* (Due ASAP to hold your spot) - $100

4 People Price per person - $1,799

7+ People Price per person - $1,499

Prices are per person when 2 people share a room and/or bed.

Single Supplement (if available) - $300

BRAZIL & PERU UPGRADE AVAILABLE! Want to experience more of the surrounding area by visiting two more countries? We can take a 5 hour excursion upriver to stay at lodges in Brazil and Peru where additional activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, Piranha fishing, Harpy Eagle nest viewing, mud bathing, and possibly seeing the Ranitomeya yavaricola poison dart frog!

Cost of Airline Tickets to Colombia are NOT included in this price.

Ask to see what other costs may not be included in this price.

*Deposit is Refundable or Transferable up until April 30, 2020. On that date, we will determine if the minimum number of participants have been met and at what rate the tour will be determined to be based on that number. Do not purchase your airline tickets until this tour and tour price are confirmed! You will be notified on May 1st of the balance due and where to send your check, money order, or bank transfer to complete the payment process. At that time, we will also advise you when to book your flight.

Here is our general itinerary:

Day 1 (August 2) - Schedule your flight to arrive in Leticia on or before this day. I will meet you at the airport and we will take a taxi to Tanimboca Reserve, probably stopping for dinner along the way.  We will be greeted at Tanimboca, then make a 20 minute walk through the forest to the treehouse. Have your headlamps or flashlights handy. There may be helpers to carry luggage and they work for tips. 

Day 2 (August 3) - Because the sun sets so early, we usually try to get as early a start as possible to take full advantage of the daylight hours. (sunrise is at 5:44 am with twilight about 30 minutes earlier) I do not have our daily schedule planned, however we will usually meet for breakfast sometime between 7 and 8am and then plan for a morning nature walk before lunch. Afternoon activities include a canopy zipline tour or kayaking the gentle creek (this activity depends on the water level). There should be some time to relax a bit before dinner. When night falls, we discover fascinating nocturnal night life.

Day 3 (August 4) - Similar itinerary to the prior day, taking in activities as allowed by time and the weather.

Day 4 (August 5) - Pack up early and make our way to breakfast. If there are any lingering activities, we will give them consideration based on the consensus of the group. We will take a taxi to town to meet the guide who will escort us on our 3 hour boat rides up the Amazon and Amacayacu Rivers to Yoi Nature Lodge. This lodge is located within the Amacayacu National Park, which is rich in flora and fauna. We will spend 3 nights here and 3 meals per day will be provided by our hosts. Activities during our stay will include things such as:
    • Wildlife Hikes  -  See a variety of animal species from monkeys and birds to insects and reptiles.

    • Bird Watching  -  Colombia is home to the highest number of bird species on the planet, come spot a few.

    • Canoeing  -  Paddle along the river using the traditional canoes of local fishermen. See if your balance is good enough to keep you out of the river.

    • Fishing  -  Fish for piranhas and other local fish.

      Blackwater Lake Excursion - Lake Tarapoto & Puerto Nariño  -   A chance to see the two Amazonian dolphin species and maybe go for a swim.

    • Search for Caimans  -   An evening excursion looking for members of the alligator family. Guests will have a chance to see these predators up close.

    • Hunting Weapon Classes  -  Hunters have long used the blow gun and bow and arrow to feed their families. Test your skill with these traditional hunting tools.

    • Tour of San Martin - Visit the Ticuna community of San Martin. Meet the natives and learn how an indigenous community functions.

    • Beaches  - Relax and take in the sun on beautiful sandy beaches along the river.

    • Craft Classes  -  Learn how to make simple pieces of art from the skilled natives.

    • Traditional Tattoos  - Have a tattoo done using the pulp of the huito fruit. These temporary creations will last from 1 to 3 weeks.

    • Nocturnal walks  - Night is the most active time for many animals and maybe the only time to catch a glimpse of many species.

    • Overnight Camping Trips & Treks - Leave the comforts of the cabins and spend as many days as you like exploring the fascinating rainforest.

    • Wildlife Sanctuary - See a wide variety of monkeys up close at the Maikuchiga sanctuary. Enjoy this rare opportunity to interact with a number of species as they roam freely on the center's grounds.

    • Clearly, there will be more to do here than time to take it all in so take a vote and plan your priorities!

Day 5 (August 6) same

Day 6 (August 7) same

Day 7 (August 8) Depart in the afternoon (presumably after lunch) Boat ride back to Leticia where we will check in to our final hotel. We should be there in time to witness the thousands of parrots and other birds that flock to the town square to roost for the night. If we choose, we can take a taxi into Tabitinga, Brazil for dinner, your choice.

Day 8 (August 9) We part ways, you will be taken back to the airport and be on your own. Safe travels!

Some additional things to be aware of when taking our tours:

  • Prices do not include tips, airfare or meals unless indicated.
  • Tour rates to not include domestic or international flights. You will be required to book these on your own. We would be happy to assist.
  • Dates listed above are the actual tour dates. You will be expected to book your own travel and arrive and depart on those dates.
  • Be sure your passport is valid for 6 months after the tour dates.
  • Tour prices are based on a minimum of 4 guests. Do not purchase your flight tickets until tour has been confirmed!
  • Meals are not included in the tour cost (although very affordable) other than our visit to Yoi Lodge where all meals are included. Alcoholic beverages are not included.
  • We are sorry, however, we may have little or no choices for people with specialized diets. Specific meal choices (such as vegetarian) may not always be available.
  • All rates based on Double Occupancy. Single Supplement applies for single travelers not sharing a room.
  • Price includes lodging, certain meals as noted, ground travel, entrance fees, tours & guide fees.
  • Optional or unplanned tours or activities that may become available are not included in the price.
  • You are welcome to skip any planned and prepaid activities but there are no refunds for any prepaid activity that you do not wish to take part in.
  • Some overnight stays are more rustic than others and may not have hot (or warm) showers or electricity.
  • Our itinerary is subject to change based on travel, weather conditions, or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Everyone will be expected to carry their own luggage to their rooms etc. (Pack accordingly!)
  • All participants must sign our waiver 30 days before the tour begins.
  • We recommend you shop for and purchase travelers insurance to protect you against unforeseen mishaps, injuries, ailments or accidents.
  • Sorry, no discounts other than repeat tour discount. Coupons are not valid for any tour. Rewards Points are not offered for this purchase.
  • Please check with your doctor and the CDC website for any preparation and immunization recommendations.

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