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Brazil Dart Frog Exploration Adventure Tour 2020! ($100 Deposit)

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June 3-15, 2020

(Only 6 spaces available)

A $100 Reserves a spot for you!!

UPDATE AS OF 2/29/2020: We expect to have a complete itinerary with pricing and specific dates by March 20, 2020. Would you like to join us on this Bucket List trip?

If you would like to get onto the waiting list in the event someone has to back out, please inquire by calling 413-325-8179.

Proposed dates June 3rd - 15th. Final price will depend on total number of guests so spread the word to keep the price down!

Note: This price includes 2 domestic round trip flights within Brazil but DOES NOT include your international flight costs.

A portion of this tour may include rustic lodging conditions. Participants must be fit and able to hike several hours of moderate but uneven, hot and humid and muddy forest trails.


We are hosting this nature adventure tour to Brazil this June in 2020. My colleague, Andreas Zarling, a herp biologist from Germany, and I have teamed up to offer this once in a lifetime experience.

You have been invited to this private group because you either expressed interest or had questions about the details and logistics of this trip. We will try to provide as much information as it becomes available but the some of the details cannot be set in stone as yet. I will explain...

Andreas and I have worked together on a previous Rainforest Adventure Tour hosted by Black Jungle Exotics a few years back so when he approached me with the idea of collaborating on another amazing adventure, I couldn't pass it up.

Brazil lifted its Visa requirements for American travelers last summer, making it a hassle free process to tour this exotic tropical destination. The biodiversity of its flora and fauna will amaze to no ends and is home of the longest and largest river in the world*. This country offers unique and unparalleled discovery opportunities to the adventurous traveler.

This particular tour is not for the pampered traveler. It is for someone with a sense of adventure which offer personal discoveries as the priceless reward. We will be travelling via domestic air flights as well as boats, taxis, 4wd vehicles, etc. Lodging may be simple and rustic at times with limited services that we may be accustomed to back home.

Our tour will begin in Belem, a large city in northeastern Brazil and is considered the gateway to the Amazon River. It’s major airport offers the best solution for international travelers, however it will only act as our meeting place as we have quite an adventure in store for you!

While the majority of our travel will take place in tropical rainforest regions, we will head north of the Equator on part of the journey to experience savanna habitat as well. Our journey will take us north toward French Guyana to see Dendrobates tinctorius, Ameerega pulchripecta, Atelopus hoogmoedi, and Ranitomeya amazonica as our destination species.

From this area, we will head southwest to an area just north of the Amazon to look for additional dart frog populations before taking a boat across to the region south of the amazing river. We stand a good chance to see both Adelphobates castaneoticus as well as multiple morphs of A. galactonotus!

From here, we wrap up the tour with our final flight back to Belem. It will be a time to reflect upon our countless memorable experiences and spectacular photo opportunities of the flora and breathtaking fauna of the amazing Amazon Rainforest!

A detailed itinerary with prices will follow as our research into this area is still ongoing. We will continue to gather first hand information vital to the logistics to finalize our planning and preparation.

We have selected June as the time frame for this tour with a possible first day slated for June 3rd where we would all plan to arrive and meet in Belem. Tentatively, we have 12 days penciled in for this journey but the length may be adjusted as necessary.

Remember, this is not your typical Costa Rica type of rainforest bus tour travel where we will visit tourist attraction “A” followed by tourist attraction “B” and so forth. Alterations may be necessary due to various weather conditions or other unanticipated events or circumstances. Please be flexible because the rewards will last a lifetime!

*As per National Geographic references: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/…/amazon-longer-than-ni…/

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