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Chances are, you found this site because you share our love of nature and the world of plants and animals. Bringing nature into your home can provide a unique experience of exotic beauty with rewards of endless possibilities.

Whether a beginner or expert, we offer the products and start-up information you need for building and maintaining successful terrariums and vivariums. Creating a mini habitat is fun, easy, educational, and rewarding!

Public displays are always the focal point of an exotic habitat. They are ideal for waiting rooms, restaurants, businesses, or offices. More importantly, they are a treat to kids of all ages and make a perfect motivational learning tool for classrooms!

Nothing compares to the peace and tranquility of a lush tropical landscape with a miniature waterfall within a glass case. With a bit more time and commitment, an ultimate micro-habitat can be created with the introduction of terrarium friendly animals!

A hobby which parallels aquarium keeping, vivarium keeping offers new rewards of transforming an everyday fish tank into a natural landscaped masterpiece. If you already keep small reptiles or amphibians, you will be amazed at how fun and easy it can be to add a new dimension to your herp tank.

The largest terrarium and vivarium company of its kind, we serve beginner and expert hobbyists as well as zoos, museums, educational facilities, private breeders, pet shops, nature centers, and many others with a unique and uncommon product line.

Ordering online is easy anytime or you can phone at 413-863-2770 with your credit card. We offer competitive pricing and value with special or limited time offers so be sure to sign up on our mailing list to keep up to date on these specials. Additionally, bulk or wholesale savings may be offered on selected items!

Back in 1994, my partner Michael Wallitis and myself, Richard Revis felt that there had to be a better way to keep reptile and amphibian pets. Knowing that many of these wonderful creatures came from tropical places filled with lush greenery, we thought that the sterile enclosures popular at the time were simply insufficient for the proper keeping of these animals. Our great interest in cultivating unusual and exotic plants seemed to provide the perfect opportunity to try new and exciting ways of keeping these pets. We started experimenting and found that some things worked well while others failed miserably. We soon started travelling to places like Costa Rica to see these animals in their native habitat. These trips provided the greatest insight to how these animals live in nature and how very different it was to the way they were being kept in captivity. Black Jungle Terrarium Supply was then born, at least in a much smaller form.

Starting off with a small classified ad in the very first issue of Reptiles Magazine, Black Jungle was off and running. We continued to travel as our interests grew and attended many reptile and amphibian shows in Europe. These shows probably had the greatest influence on our company in the early years. The Europeans had embraced the idea of naturalistic environments for some time already and were much more advanced than the US in the practice. We experienced great frustration upon our return to the US to find only astro-turf and other artificial plants available to hobbyists. When live plants were suggested it was often with complete ignorance as to how to actually grow them. Instead, they were offered as disposable items to be replaced as they perished under the poor conditions in the terrarium. It was then that we began our tremendous push to give American keepers a more natural alternative.

None of the familiar suppliers were around back then and we had to source our products from a wide variety of industries, importers and even countries. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun to search for these varied items. Over the years we have continued our trials and our travels, always striving to offer the best in both products and advice. The process still continues today, 15 years later. Now we enjoy working with thousands of customers including private individuals, zoos, museums, animal parks and other entertainment venues. In addition to herpetoculturists, we now have much to offer avid gardeners as well. It is always exciting to trade plant material among botanical institutions across the country and around the globe in order to offer some of the most rare and unusual species to plant collectors and animal keepers alike.

Although the face of our company has changed a great deal over the years our primary goal has never wavered- To provide our customers with the best selection of quality, unusual items along with the experience to help them create unique living environments in their own homes. Now, we are often imitated, but never duplicated and that is why Black Jungle is still... The Natural Choice!
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