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PERU Rainforest Adventure Tour - August 14-29, 2019 ($500 DEPOSIT)

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August 14-29, 2019

Total cost
4-5 guests - $3,100 USD per person
6-7 guests - $2,800 USD per person
8 guests - $2,500 USD per person

Prices: Private and personalized tours like this can be very costly to the smallest of groups for logistical reasons. Once shared costs are involved, then these costs become more affordable when split up between more people. 6-10 guests is the sweet spot that we strive to target. Too many guests, and things get too complicated, especially when it comes to wildlife viewing. Our prices are calculated based on overall tour costs, therefore, the more we get to go on the tour, the better the price for the entire group. The final price of this tour will be determined by the number of guests who sign up by June 15, 2019 so help spread the word to your friends and family!

Travel Dates: Plan your flight to arrive on or before the 14th. (International guests may wish to travel a day or two early to avoid unexpected delays to be safe!) We will meet at our hotel and provide you instructions on how to take a taxi to the hotel. Plan your flight departure date on the 29th or later. (unless you will join us on the optional extension to Tarapoto) Please note: Do not purchase your flight tickets until you have signed up and confirmed with us!

Tour Highlights: Seeing and photographing wildlife and natural scenery will be the focus of this tour however this tour is specifically tailored to seeing poison dart frogs among many other reptiles and amphibians. You can also expect so see a wide range of bird life including parrots, toucans and hummingbirds. Exotic rainforest mammals will be a real treat. Insects and other invertebrates will abound....especially at night.

Physical Difficulty: You don't have to be a marathon runner to attend this tour, however you should be somewhat agile and expect to take hikes of up to 3-4 hours in duration over uneven terrain. Trails (if any) may be muddy, uneven, and slippery. (expect to slip and fall!)

Comfort Level: Our stay in Lima at the beginning and end should be typical of an average hotel and will probably offer the most comforts we can expect. Some lodges may be rustic and may not have hot water. During the most adventurous part of this tour, we may not even have access to typical motels or lodges and may require sleeping in a hammock.

Dietary Concerns: Due to the remote locations we will be traveling to that may not offer traveler services, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to accommodate special diet requests.

Ground Transportation: Our mode of ground transportation may be public taxi, public or chartered bus, boat, or chartered 4wd vehicles.

Air Transportation: To save countless hours of rough bus rides, this tour will include air transportation on 4 legs of our journey. 

Age Requirements: 14 & up however 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Your Escorts: Michael Wallitis of Black Jungle Exotics (aka Rainforest Adventure Tours) will be offering this tour in collaboration with Josh Richards an American currently residing in Lima and founder of his tour company, Muddy Boots Peru.

Disclaimer: Please understand that this itinerary may evolve or change due to river conditions, weather conditions, group safety concerns, logistical issues or other unforeseen circumstances and all fees are non-refundable.


August 14th - Arrival Day (Meet at Lima area hotel)

August 15th, Day 1 – Welcome to Jaen! You will be taking an early flight from Lima. Once in Jaen, we take the long, 6-hour drive to Santa Maria de Nieva where we will meet up with some of my Aguajun indigenous friends. Once in Santa Maria de Nieva, we will get settled into a hotel and eat some lunch. We can go out in the afternoon to some close forests to look for captivus near Nieva. The population here are smaller and have less spotting than the population in the pongo de Manseriche. We will get a good night’s rest for the days to come.

August 16th, Day 2 – Our first day in the Pongo de Manseriche. We will get up early and head out by boat to San Borja where we will leave our stuff and stay for the nights. There is also the option to camp if the group wants to camp. My friend has two cabins on his property where we can store stuff and cook. We would just need tents. We will be spending the next few days here searching the forest for any species we can find. We will also be checking the Zira bottles that we installed last year to see if any frogs are using them. Night hikes are a must here! So much to see! Some highlights here are Excidobates captivus, Ameerega parvula, Hyloxalus italoi, amonst many other things.

August 17th, Day 3 – Another day spent in the amazing Pongo de Manseriche and captivus.

August 18th, Day 4 – Our last day in the Pongo de Manseriche. We will be heading back to Santa Maria de Nieva in the evening.

August 19th, Day 5 – With an early start, today, we drive from Santa Maria de Nieva to the Rentema, where we will cross the Marañon river by cable car and then take a taxi to Santa Rosa de la Yunga. We will get settled into a hotel here, have dinner and get to bed early. Tomorrow, we set out when the sun rises!

August 20th, Day 6 – Today is the the day… The famous El Tupire. We will head toward the reserve around 6am to see… you guessed it… mysteriosus! We will spend the whole day here with the frogs. In the evening, we take a car to Jaen where we will get settled into a hotel and have dinner. Tomorrow, we will have a change of pace.

August 21st, Day 7 – We will be taking a flight to Lima and then to Iquitos today. Once in Iquitos, we will get settled into a hotel and take a trip to Puerto Almendra where we will see a nice population of Ranitomeya reticulata and hopefully R. amazonica.

August 22nd, Day 8 – Today, we head about 50 miles down the Amazon river from Iquitos to the Otorongo Lodge. The forest is amazing, the lodge is very nice and the food is GREAT! We will get to see some very nice things here. There is a specific morph of Ranitomeya reticulata here that is called the ‘red faced’ morph in the hobby. We should see several of them here along with one of the nicest Ameerega species… Ameerega bilinguis.

August 23rd, Day 9 – Another day at Otorongo Lodge

August 24th, Day 10 – Another day at Otorongo Lodge

August 25th, Day 11 – Another day at Otorongo Lodge

August 26th, Day 12 – Our last day at Otorongo Lodge

August 27th, Day 13 – We will be heading back to Iquitos today and settling back into a hotel. We will have a relaxing evening before our flight back to Lima tomorrow.

August 28th, Day 14 – Fly back to Lima on your way home or start the extension trip via boat & taxi to Tarapoto.

August 29th - DEPARTURE DAY


*Note- There is an option for a 4-day extension to Tarapoto to see many Ranitomeya and Ameerega species*

Extension day 1 – Cordillera escalera ridgeline for cloud forest and Ranitomeya variabilis.
Extension day 2 – Ranitomeya fantastica ‘nominal’ forest.
Extension day 3 - Summersi and banded imitator forest in Sauce.
Extension day 4 - Alto Shilcayo trail near Shimiyacu lodge for 8 different species. Fantastica, imitator, variabilis, trivittata, cainarache, bassleri, altamazonica, hyloxalus nexipus
Extension day 5 – Go home!
*The extension of the trip will be an additional $200 per person and each person is responsible for their expenses on this extended portion of the tour.*              

This package price presented to you by Muddy Boots Peru Tours and Adventures comes with inclusions and exclusions that you, the customer, need to be aware of. Please read on to know what to expect when agreeing to this contract.

What is included in the package

This package includes the following services, activities, etc.
- Full guide and translation services provided by Joshua Richards.
- All transportation: from airport to hotel, from hotel to various sites and back, etc on the dates indicated in the itinerary
- All hotel fees or camping fees should there exist fees for camping.
- All entry fees: protected area fees, touristic sites, rescue centers, etc.
- Any extra guide fees: in the case that we need to pay an extra guide, it is included in the package.
- Up to 3 meals a day.
- National flights

What is not included in the package

This package does not include the following services, activities, etc.

                     - Any activities, transportation, or guides that are not planned on the itinerary
                     - Souvenirs, gifts, and other personal purchases
                     - Extra meals
                     - Water and snacks
                     - Alcoholic beverages
                     - Laundry services
                     - Medical expenses or medical transportation
                    - Early trip departure costs
                    - Travel Insurance
                     - International flights
* Muddy Boots Peru and Rainforest Adventure Tours are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. It is up to the client to properly safeguard personal items like passport, money, cameras, and other gear at all times.

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