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Nepenthes aristolochioides x hamata

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A very unique hybrid exclusive to Borneo Exotics. Nursery propagated from cuttings taken from a selection of seed-grown mother stock. First introduced Mar 2018. This item is EXCLUSIVE in that we do not have it in microprop. Therefore, it’s only available in extremely limited supply and will be released only occasionally. The male parent is the rare red hairy form of N. hamata sold occasionally under BE-3382.  These are very robust plants, propagated in the traditional way, using cuttings taken from seed-grown mother stock. The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical to the actual plants you receive. Highland

Very rare and difficult to acquire in the USA. The high price has been established by many factors including rarity, supply, demand, and purchase convenience, not the size of the plant! - Plants are medium size and are shipped potted in a plastic pot. (BE-3898)

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