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Jungle Liana - Large (36")

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This is the real stuff! Liana, or better known as "Jungle Vine", is now available in the United States. It is widely popular and has been available to European vivarium enthusiasts for years. With its unique surface and texture, liana offers a truly exotic accent for tropical terrariums and vivariums. Each piece is different. Large sizes (36") are sold as "Curled". Because each piece is natural, the degree of "curled" character will vary from piece to piece. These pieces can be used as overhead vines, vertical accents or even as buttress roots creeping across the terrarium substrate. Each segment averages 1"+ in diameter which offers a rigid, sturdy vine. We have used this product in several of our dart frog habitats and it has a tendancy to grow strange looking mushrooms (fruiting bodies of a fungus). Be ready for an interesting surprise that may grow off these!

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